The Rosebud Sioux tribe is a branch of the Lakota people, also known as the Sicangu Oyate or Sicangu Lakota. 24,000 people live on the reservation, which covers almost 2000 square miles of land in South Dakota.

Our Memorial Fund drive aims to help provide support to the tribe to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19. Financial donations and direct supply donations will help to both to provide necessary funds to the tribe as they continue their battle to contain and overcome Covid-19, as well as provide essential supplies to the families of the tribe.

Donations can be made in honor of Kathy Boyd though the links below.


Donate via the Kathy Boyd Memorial Fund GoFundMe


Donate needed items to the tribe via AmazonWishList

Mailing address for goods donations

Kathy Boyd Memorial Fund
c/o Sinte Gleska University
Michael H. Benge Student Union
132 Antelope Lake Circle
Mission, SD, 57555

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